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Successful Entrepreneur Affirmation Candle

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Ignite Your Business Success with Our Crystal-Infused Manifestation Candle!

At Soulology Club, we believe in the power of purpose-driven intentions to shape the course of your entrepreneurial journey. Introducing our Successful Entrepreneur Crystal-Infused Candle, a beacon of energy designed to amplify your manifestation rituals and guide you towards business success through purpose.

🌟 Illuminate Your Entrepreneurial Path: Crafted with care, our candle is more than just wax and wick. It's a tool of transformation, fusing the purity of 100% soy wax with the energy of carefully chosen crystals. As the flame dances, these crystals release their potent vibrations, enveloping your space in intention-enhancing energy.

🌠 Manifest Purposeful Success: Whether you're launching a startup, expanding your business, or seeking clarity in your entrepreneurial journey, our candle is your partner in purpose. Light it during your business planning, goal-setting, or strategy sessions to heighten your focus and intention. Feel the energy of the crystals aligning with your purpose, empowering you to take bold strides toward success.

🔮 Harness Crystal Energies: Each Successful Entrepreneur Candle is adorned with a blend of hand-selected crystals known for their business-attracting properties. These crystals are thoughtfully chosen to create a harmonious synergy that resonates with your intentions. As you light the candle, these crystals collaborate to magnify your purposeful intentions and attract prosperity.

The Soulology.Club Difference: Our candles aren't just products; they're tools that facilitate manifestations. With each one, we infuse love, intention, and positive energy. Every candle is meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between scent, crystal energy, and intention-setting power.

🌿 Pure and Purposeful: Our candles are made from 100% soy wax, an eco-friendly and renewable resource. Free from harmful additives, you can experience a clean and toxin-free burn, immersing yourself fully in your manifestation practice.

🌌 How to Ignite Success:

  1. Create a focused space where your entrepreneurial aspirations can flourish.
  2. Light the Successful Entrepreneur Candle and allow its flame to infuse you with purposeful energy.
  3. Clearly define your business goals and visualize your success unfolding.
  4. Allow the candle to burn as you continue your business-focused practice.
  5. Express gratitude for the achievements that are already materializing.

Elevate your business aspirations with the Successful Entrepreneur Crystal-Infused Candle from Soulology Club. Ignite your intentions and witness your business dreams transform into reality through purposeful energy. Illuminate your path to business triumph today!

🛍️ Ready to manifest purposeful success? Order your Successful Entrepreneur Candle now and embark on a purpose-driven journey towards entrepreneurial achievement! 🛍️


    • Clear Quartz crystals have various benefits. In this candle, it is used as an energy amplifier! It amplifies the energy of the other crystals and the energy of your intention.
    • Tiger's Eye boosts confidence, clarity, and focus. Shields from negative influences. Ignites determination, risk-taking, and practicality for entrepreneurial growth.
    • Green Aventurine enhances decision-making, fosters creativity, attracts abundance. Energizes ambition, luck, and adaptability for entrepreneurial success.

    Scent: Smells like SUCCESS! Fruity, fresh with notes of Champagne! 🏆🥂🍾

    • Top - Citrus, Cranberry
      Middle - Champagne
      Base - Musk, Praline


    • 100% soy wax with fragrance oils added for scent
    • Our candles are 100% handmade, so each may be slightly different in appearance and colour
    • Each candle is approximately 10oz
    • Gold Metal Lid
    • Do not light for more than 4 hours
    • Your order will come with one candle

    Note: Our candles are hand-poured and infused with positive energy. Variations in color and appearance may occur due to the natural materials used.


    You can light this candle with crystals inside of it. We recommend removing the larger crystals. Each candle will melt differently as the crystal moves around. Please do not leave any candles unattended. Blow the candle out and move the crystal away from the flame if needed. We recommend removing the large crystal before lighting it to give an even melt to your candle. Keep your wicks nice and trimmed (about 5mm long). Towards the end of your candle, take out any crystals and rinse them in warm soapy water if you want to keep them (or remove them before lighting). If hot, allow crystals to cool before removing them. 


    • Keep crystal candles away from flammable objects and away from children and pets.
    • Crystals are choking hazards.


    Our products are intended for the customer's personal use and discretion, with no scientifically proven medical, mental or health benefits. Please practice caution when using our candles, especially when hot or placing the candle near or on sensitive surfaces.

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