Meet T.J. Davis, the co-founder of Soulology Club, whose entrepreneurial journey is rooted in a profound passion for self-awareness, astrology, and spirituality.

With 12 years of dedicated study and experience in the realm of astrology, T.J. brings a wealth of cosmic knowledge to empower individuals on their path to self-discovery.

Fueled by a commitment to unlocking the mysteries of the soul, T.J. embarked on the venture of Soulology Club, creating a space where others can explore the depths of their existence.

His visionary approach and extensive expertise make Soulology Club a haven for those seeking enlightenment and cosmic guidance.

  • What is Requried for The Reading?

    For an enriching astrology reading experience, all you need is a quiet and personal space where you can be present and focused. To tailor the reading to your unique cosmic blueprint, please provide the essential details: your specific date of birth, accurate time of birth, and the city where you were born. These details form the foundation for a personalized and accurate exploration of your astrological chart. Additionally, approach the session with an open mind and receptivity to the revelations that may unfold. Your openness allows for a more profound and insightful journey into the cosmic influences shaping your life.

  • Is There a Cancellation Fee?

    Our cancellation policy is designed to ensure fairness and uphold the commitment to our valued clients. If you choose to cancel your astrology reading appointment, a $50 non-refundable fee will apply if the cancellation occurs within 48 hours of confirmed appointment. However, cancellations made before this timeframe will be fully refunded. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we appreciate your understanding of this policy, which helps us maintain the quality and availability of our services. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

  • Can I Get A Reading If I Do Not Have My Exact Birth Time?

    While we highly recommend providing the exact birth time for your astrology reading at Soulology Club, we understand that it may not always be available. In such cases, a reading can still be conducted; however, it's important to note that the accuracy of house placement may be compromised without the precise birth time. For the most insightful and accurate reading, we strongly encourage participants to strive for obtaining the exact birth time. This ensures a comprehensive exploration of your astrological chart and maximizes the depth of insights that can be gleaned from the session. If you have any concerns or questions about this process, feel free to reach out to our team for guidance.

  • How Are the Readings Conducted?

    Our astrology readings are conducted virtually to ensure accessibility and convenience for our clients. Upon booking a session, a secure link to the virtual meeting will be sent to the participant's email. This link will provide seamless access to the session where you can engage in a personalized and insightful discussion. Whether you're seeking clarity on your natal chart, exploring relationship dynamics, or navigating current astrological influences, the virtual platform offers a comfortable space for an enriching cosmic exploration. Embrace the convenience of virtual sessions as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and cosmic insights from the comfort of your own space.

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