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My Dream Home Crystal Candle

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Are you ready to turn your dreams of the perfect home into reality? Look no further than our "My Dream Home" Candle ‚Äď a powerful tool infused with intention and crafted to bring your aspirations to life.

Crafted with Care: Our candle is meticulously hand-poured using 100% pure soy wax, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly burn. We believe in nurturing both your dreams and the environment, which is why our candle is free from harmful toxins and additives.

Crystal Infused Magic: Infused with the energy of carefully selected crystals, this candle becomes a beacon for your desires. Crystals have been used for centuries to amplify intentions, and we've harnessed their power to enhance your manifestation rituals. As the flame dances, the crystals release their energy, infusing the space with positivity and your dreams.

Scented for Serenity: Cleanse your space with the soothing embrace of our thoughtfully chosen fragrances. The scents are carefully curated to provide an environment conducive to relaxation, focus, and clarity ‚Äď essential elements for any manifestation practice.

Why Choose Us? At, we believe in the power of intention and the beauty of transformation. Our "Manifesting My Dream Home" Candle is more than a product; it's a partner in your journey. With each flicker of its flame, you're drawing closer to the reality you envision.

Illuminate your path to your dream home with a candle that carries your hopes and desires. Let the manifestation begin.

How to Use:

  1. Set the Scene: Find a quiet, comfortable space where you can focus without distractions.
  2. Light the Flame: As you light the candle, visualize your dream home in vivid detail. Imagine every corner, texture, and feeling associated with it.
  3. Speak Your Intentions: Express your desires aloud or in your mind. Feel the emotions connected to having your dream home.
  4. Bask in the Glow: Allow the candle to burn as you meditate, journal, or simply relax. The energy you infuse will linger in the space, attracting your dreams.
  5. Repeat with Purpose: Use this candle whenever you embark on your manifestation journey. Each lighting reinforces your intentions. Light it while journaling, meditating, during manifestation rituals.


  • Clear Quartz¬†crystals have various benefits.¬†In this candle, it is used as an energy amplifier! It amplifies the energy of the other crystals and the energy of your intention.
  • Tiger's Eye¬† It is also known as a crystal that attracts good luck but protects you at the same time.
  • Citrine¬†is a beneficial¬†crystal for manifesting fortune, wealth, and abundance since it is full of winning energy. In this candle, it is also used to attract happiness into your life and your home.
  • White Opal is a great calming crystal. In this candle, it is used to absorb any emotional challenges that can help with the relationship you may have with your loved ones, inspiring peace and love at home.

Scent:¬†Smells like home ūüŹ†. Fruity, fresh with hints of the forest!

  • Top -¬†Green Leaves, Pear, Anise, Eucalyptus, Saffron
    Middle - Apple, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Basil
    Base - Vanille, Cedar, Fennel, Dark Musk, Tonka Bean, Amber


  • 100% soy wax with¬†fragrance oils added for scent
  • Our candles are 100% handmade, so each may be slightly different in¬†appearance and colour
  • Each candle is approximately¬†10oz
  • Gold Metal Lid
  • Do not¬†light¬†for more than 4 hours
  • Your order will come with one candle


Note: Our candles are hand-poured and infused with positive energy. Variations in color and appearance may occur due to the natural materials used.


You can light this candle with crystals inside of it. We recommend removing the larger crystals. Each candle will melt differently as the crystal moves around. Please do not leave any candles unattended. Blow the candle out and move the crystal away from the flame if needed. We recommend removing the large crystal before lighting it to give an even melt to your candle. Keep your wicks nice and trimmed (about 5mm long). Towards the end of your candle, take out any crystals and rinse them in warm soapy water if you want to keep them (or remove them before lighting). If hot, allow crystals to cool before removing them. 


  • Keep crystal candles away from flammable objects and away from children and pets.
  • Crystals are choking hazards.


Our products are intended for the customer's personal use and discretion, with no scientifically proven medical, mental or health benefits. Please practice caution when using our candles, especially when hot or placing the candle near or on sensitive surfaces.

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