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The Intention To Unite

When two people come together in a relationship, that "space of togetherness" containing the two people is the same as the space containing a planet, solar system, galaxy, or universe. Human Intention creates the space, and your understanding of love is the law which governs that space. If your understanding is weak, the law is weak. So, the law of relationship (space) is the level of your understanding of just what love is.

  The greater your understanding of love, the more powerful the law which governs it, to hold the relationship together. The space in which your relationship exists is created by your "intention to unite." Duality (male/female) becomes unity, a new field of experience in which to grow.

  The relationship itself is a living thing, an organ or vessel through which the power of Love can express itself,  the same way that the eye is an organ through which light expresses itself. And as light being expressed through the eye generates the vision which allows you to experience the beauty of the world, so does a relationship generate the love which allows you to experience the beauty within your mate.

- Written by Our Resident Astrologer, Dominati