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The Growth Of Momentum

Momentum comes as a result of various movements or intentions. Making motion is the only way to initiate growth. The intention to understand more, discover more and be more is what naturally causes the shift needed to propel forward. Like a swing of the pendulum, the growth of momentum sways and swings to and from until we decide for it to stop. 

Similar to the snowball effect or even the domino effect, momentum is the force behind it all. We all know that wherever there is force, power is not too far away. This being said, we as a people are always a simple thought, step, or action away from utilizing our strongest powers.

Why wait, act now! Take the first step toward building your momentum. That first thought filled with the intention to be aware, be better and be great is what is essentially needed to grow to that next level. Like all things that intensify with more attention, making motion is no different than shaping reality. Move toward something that will propel you to activate what otherwise may be dormant and deactivated. 

In life there is always a process, ironically the growth of momentum has a two fold process. First understanding a direction worthy of growing in, then actually moving and maneuvering in the best way to get to your destination. In the midst of it all, changes take place so quietly and subtly until, whala, magic happens and then becomes a transformation.

Sooner than later, self discovery will become a new identity as you create a new footprint, leaving a mark on this world that otherwise would not have been possible without awakening and inviting the precious process of transformation to carve out the space for “your” growth of momentum to take place.