When you look into a mirror, someone looks back at you. Who do you see? What do you see? Your reflection is the epitome of who you are, literally. Some people have thoughts and some people are always thinking. An individual that reflects is an individual that understands what it is to be mindful. The act of reflecting is as helpful as that mirror you look into when preparing yourself for a nice night out. Who doesn't want to look their best? Without reflecting, it's a little hard to do so.

       To reflect is essentially the gateway to a better understanding of your life. Discovery, growth, and purpose follow closely behind this type of mindset. A mindset that reflects is a mindset willing and able to recreate. Recreation is defined as the act or process of creating something again. This correlates with the saying “practice makes perfect”. We were created by the grace of God, through our parents. It’s our job to recreate our circumstances, situations, and even our destiny until we are happy or at least content with our current existence.

        Although recreation is synonymous with reinvention, these terms have two totally different meanings. Reinvention is defined as the act or process through which something is changed so much that it appears to be entirely new. We may not always have a choice of who and what we were born to be, but we definitely get the last say so in who or what we will become. Greatness can only be crafted through constant reinvention. Rather it's raising the bar continuously reaching for higher heights, being particular about self improvement or just waking up daily with intentions to be better and better. It all starts with reinvention.

      The three R’s are especially significant for anyone embarking on the path to the “Higher Self”. With careful attention, reflection, recreation, and reinvention is the recipe for living our best life. These thoughtful actions are like a special compass providing us with all the direction we need to arrive at our ideal destinations. We as a people are very capable of accessing many tools that can be helpful in getting us where we want to be. We were born fully equipped, whether we know it or not. Reflection, Recreation and Reinvention are just a few things that are key as we evolve and tap into untapped potential.