Natal Birth Chart

Natal Birth Chart and How to Use it to Your Benefit

The natal birth chart is by far one of the most effective tools to utilize for personal growth. However, despite the ancient teachings and the correlation to human life and the planetary motions, most people are unaware of the underlying effects that the cosmic order of things has regarding everyday occurrences. Granted the disbelief of those not at all interested in astrology pure potentiality is always there. The moment each and every being is birthed there is something extraordinary that has taken place. That pure potentiality is awakened. There will forever be a relationship with the individual and the universe. The still picture of planetary motions at that very particular time can and should be captured. Once the natal birth chart has been generated manually or by computer it is safe to say that the innermost fabrics of a person are being realized. To understand and dissect the natal birth chart is to essentially peek into the soul. 

After understanding,dissecting and analyzing your natal birth chart the benefits are endless. Although the esoterics of astrology are unknown by many it is not at all difficult to learn and use a natal birth chart to have a better direction in life. Your natal birth chart is the “law of your life”, the blueprint of your life. When you live your life according to your blueprint “life and law” will always equal perfect harmony. This is not to say that there will be no struggle, because there are certain erroneous attitudes indicated in everyone’s natal birth chart which needs to be corrected. However, in knowing your blueprint much unnecessary suffering can be alleviated. 

Astrology seeks to transform the chaos of the collective elements of human nature (and the experience of happiness in bits and pieces) into perfect wholeness by giving the individual a knowledge of the forces and energies of his or her being, and what to do with them. Every human being is born at the center of his or her own space, and always at the center of what happens to them. Your natal birth chart symbolizes the visible structural projection of the Universal whole, and by interpreting your natal birth chart we become aware of the “creative character of the moment”. 

The function of astrology is to give significance to every moment lived. Through a proper delineation of the natal birth chart one could and should be armored with a deeper understanding of their purpose. Latent talents shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses are exposed so much easier allowing incessant opportunity for growth. Which is considered overall to be the biggest benefit. 

In a nutshell, astrology and the breaking down of the natal birth chart is the most ancient form of psychological symbolism known to the world, because it symbolically interprets the motions of the planets and relates them (psychologically & spiritually, etc.) to the movements of the life force within all earthly organisms and their cycles. The horoscope is a sort of psychological blueprint of the energies, forces and drives which make up a particular person, The individual may also learn the intended life purpose in this lifetime, emotional compulsive tendencies the person may be unconsciously acting out, and the direction the life must take in order to evolve and grow. Yet and still these are only a few of the benefits to be gained through becoming familiar with your natal birth chart.