Downloads From The Top

Downloads From The Top

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition for the term "Download" means to transfer something such as data or files from a usually large computer to the memory of another device such as a smaller computer.

That is exactly how it works with human, or spiritual beings for that matter. We are constantly receiving data. Even more so now than ever before. Thanks to the information age we are currently living in, we are bombarded and probably overwhelmed with more information than we can logically handle.

Often times the most self-aware individual can and will miss very valuable downloads. It's like getting an email and never even opening it, like many of us do every day. We become mentally consumed with junk mail that is not beneficial and, even worse, mail that will harm us more than help us.

For starters, before we ever even pick up a phone, device or look at a computer screen we have to be mindful of the downloads that we have allowed to cross our threshold of consciousness. Receiving information and making good use of it are two totally different things.

Being aware of the direction our thoughts are going in as well as interpreting how we are feeling despite a few likes or filters are the most valuable and beneficial downloads we will have the opportunity to dissect.

Saying all this to say, be well aware of the downloads up top because that is truly the only information that can assist you in retaining the most helpful information you will really ever need. Self-awareness is the only software that will get the job done every single time.