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Affirmations for Stress and Anxiety

Increased heartbeat, perspiration, nervousness, fear, anticipation, worry, and sensitivity to surroundings are all symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety is triggered by a variety of factors, including money, employment, family, relationships, and health.

Many people find that meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can help them relax. Affirmations are another way to deal with stress and triggers.

It may appear like telling yourself that everything will be fine is too simple, yet that is exactly how affirmations operate. Affirmations are backed by science, and you may use them to de-stress your life and improve your self-esteem.

Furthermore, empirical research has proven that affirmation is beneficial to one's general health. Here are some affirmations that you can recite daily to reduce stress or to cope with anxiety.

  1. My anxiety is not me.
  2. I have the ability to overcome my anxiety.
  3. I practise inner peace.
  4. One step at a time/one day at a time is how I approach things.
  5. I am not in danger; I am only uneasy; this, too, shall pass.
  6. I chose thoughts that are uplifting and nurturing.
  7. I choose to be content.
  8. I'm in excellent health.
  9. I am tenacious, and I will persevere during this terrible period.
  10. I take in the good and let go of the bad.