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5 Ways To A Positive Start To Your Day

Positive attitudes create great days, and the best time to generate positivity is in the morning. In those precious early hours, we establish our mindset for the entire day, so it’s important to treat this critical period with attention and respect.

Make time for a mindful morning by trying some of these simple rituals, which can be performed in as little as five minutes. By easing into the morning with purpose, you are able to create a clear head and an open mind, ensuring a day full of positive energy and enthusiasm.

Set intentions. While our days are often clouded with to-do lists, setting small, personal intentions can help establish a feeling of control. Ask yourself, What do I want out of this day? Maybe it’s to be nicer to strangers, or to pay more attention to your partner.

Meditate. While it might seem a bit intimidating, the act of meditation is becoming increasingly popular. Meditation allows us to notice our thoughts, rather than judge them or get lost in their power. Plus there are tons of health benefits. Establish a comfy spot and breathe deeply. Meditate to music or complete silence. Either way, this routine will heighten your focus and perspective.

Journal. This simple activity encourages self-reflection. Even on bad days, journaling allows us to vent and gain some perspective regarding our current situation. If you’re feeling creative, journaling can help the sparks flow and rejuvenate the imagination, leading to a more productive and inspiring day.

Light a candle. Sometimes even the simplest change can alter a room’s energy. Take the time to light a candle before you get ready, and enjoy the enhanced ambiance that you’ve created.

Make a gratitude list. Gratitude leads to happiness. In addition to exploring your thoughts, take the time to write down one or two things you are grateful for. Whether it be your partner, your body, or nourishment, noticing your blessings inspires feelings of overall well-being.