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What The Evil Eye Symbol Represents

Did you know that the history of the evil eye dates back to ancient times? The evil eye, which has existed in different forms in many cultures for thousands of years, is also known for its protection against evil eyes and for bringing in luck.

It is commonly used to cleanse curses away and acts as a protective ward to reflect the power of evil glares back to the caster. These envious glares from others are known to be able to manifest into a curse that, in turn, can bring misfortune.

Hence, in many cultures and religious beliefs, it is believed that wearing an evil eye protects one from evil spirits, curses, and bad luck.

The fashion industry has included evil eye imagery the most over the past ten years. Kim Kardashian has been pictured on multiple occasions sporting bracelets and headpieces with the sign.

Due to the recent endorsement of A-list celebrities the evil eye is now becoming more popular given all this attention, the sign has actually been capturing people's interest for thousands of years.